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Ider is a mobile App that allows to authenticate in a fast and secure way.
This means that each time you want to access to our partners’ services you do not have to use username and password, nor any other information, in order to verify your identity. Once you are registered to IDer, all you need to do in order to be instantly authenticated is scan the IDer QR Codes displayed by our partners.

IDer revolutionises the registration and authentication procedures to commercial services into an easy, quick and safe process.
The first time you make use of IDer to access the services of a partner company you will be lead throughout a short registration process; from then on you will directly access to your private area of any company website that is affiliated with IDer authentication system.

Because it is easy, fast and safe; because you will never have to setup and use username and password that you will certainly forget in time; because you will access to any service of interest simply by scanning a QR Code via smartphone, whenever you are; because you will easily have access to the promotions and special offers that our partner companies will design for you.
In a while you will get how advantageous IDer is, and you won’t do without it.


You can download IDer from iOS App Store and Android Play Store.
Alternatively, you can scan the IDer QR Code by means of any QR Reader: you will be redirected to the App Store or the Play Store in order to proceed with the download.

IDer App works with iOS (version 8 or successive) and Android (version 4.4 or successive).

Authenticate with IDer​

While surfing the website, click on the ‘Login with IDer’ button: IDer App will open automatically. Once you will have accepted partner’s terms & conditions, the web page you were surfing will re-open by itself and you will be automatically signed up and logged in.

While surfing the website, click on the ‘Login with IDer’ button: an IDer QR Code will be displayed on screen. Launch IDer App on your smartphone and scan the QR Code.
You will be shown on the App the information required to sign up and the partner’s terms & conditions. Once the procedure is completed you will be automatically signed up and logged into the website.

You can authenticate by scanning the IDer QR Code, whether digital or paper-based, displayed by the partner company.

From desktop you can authenticate with IDer even if your smartphone has no connectivity. Launch IDer App and click on the button “without connectivity? Access offline”: you will be shown a code to insert on the website you want to access.


It is the set of data that constitute you profile.
At the end of the installation procedure IDer requires you to create your main digital identity, about which we recommend you to provide your actual data.
Afterwards you will be able to create secondary digital identities, such as your company digital identity or other kind of identities aimed at leisure online activities.
This way, every time you access a service, you will be able to choose which digital identity to authenticate with and you will be in full control of your privacy.

You can handle all the identities you need.
In addition to Main Identity, you may need access to specific services for your business: for such reason IDer provides you with a section to create secondary digital identities relating to your business activities.
Additionally, if you want to access leisure services and you prefer to keep your real or corporate identity confidential, or you want to create a fantasy avatar, you can create one or several secondary identities, editable and erasable as needed.

The Personal Identity created during the registration process is critical to the proper functioning of the service. Your actual data allows you to associate or retrieve your profile on other devices, demand technical support and optimize your experience with IDer.

Before scanning the QR Code, select the digital identity with which you want to authenticate. Registration and access procedures work identically, regardless of the digital identity you choose to use.


You can recognise the IDer QR Code from the graphic symbol placed in the center of it.
You can find the IDer QR Code on any media: billboards, paper, video and video clips, websites, social media, etc.

With IDer you can access services without using access credentials, in total security. Thanks to a digital system that revolutionizes the features offered by standard QR Codes, IDer overcomes the concept of username and password, effectively resolving a widespread criticality.

Companies can promote their business initiatives by sending push, email, or sms notifications to their registered users, depending on the terms and conditions the latter subscribed to.

You can edit or update your digital identities data from the “Identity” section of the IDer App.

You can manage the relationship with the companies you registered to (terms of use, data, acceptance of notifications, etc.) from the “Inscriptions” section of the IDer App.

Yes you can: access the “Inscriptions” section of the App and delete your subscription to a company. The deletion will instantly put an end to the receipt of promotional messages from such company via IDer. However, the company will retain the data you ceded at the time of registration.


The IDer QR Code differs from QR Codes commonly used due to the innovative security system that characterises it. IDer QR Code does not enclose any sensitive or personal data and is digitally signed, so it can not be used by third parties to compromise user’s safety.

Digital Signature is the digital equivalent of a traditional signature: it presents features of authenticity (guarantees the identity of the subscriber), integrity (ensures that the document has not been changed after the subscription) and ‘non-repudiation’ (meaning it gives full legal validity to the document, which therefore cannot be rejected by the subscriber).

IDer uses the digital signature within the QR Code in order to make it verifiable, unmistakable and impossible to counterfeit. It avoids forgery because, by scanning a QR Code IDer, you will always know who released it (IDer), excluding fraudulent intentions.

Data provided by users, which compose their digital identity, is fragmented and split into multiple encrypted databases; This way, nobody can rebuild the entire digital identity of a user from a single database, preventing the dangers of data theft.

Your data is stored in several decentralized and encrypted databases. Your information is only shared when the you want to access a service: in fact, you decide whether and when to share yor data, accepting the terms and conditions during the registration phase.
IDer acts as guardian of your digital identity. Yu own your data and you decide independently whether to give it to a partner company in order to join its services. The transfer of data is only made with your explicit consent.

IDer will never sell nor transfer the personal data of its users, except with their explicit consent. The IDer system uses the OAUTH2 Authorization Protocol, which requires the explicit consent of the user in order to transfer his data to a third party service.

A User behavioural data is shared only with the companies the user registered to, in an anonymous manner. IDer keeps data relating to users activities in encrypted and unmodified form.
Each user has full control of the history of his activities and can access this information from the “Tasks” section of the App.

what if...

Retrieving your digital identity is simple and fast: just launch the IDer App and click on “Recover Identity”, then follow the wizard that, in few steps, will let you associate your profile to your new phone number.

Retrieving your digital identity is simple and fast: just install the App IDer on the new device, click on “Recover Identity” and follow the wizard that, in few steps, will let you associate your profile to your new device.

If you lose your phone your identity is still secure as it is necessary to enter your PIN or use the Touch ID in order to launch the App.
To retrieve your digital identity and associate it with your new smartphone, simply install the App IDer on the new device, click on “Recover Identity” and follow the wizard that, in few steps, will let you associate your profile to your new device.

how to...

Yes, you can. Comapanies promote, through IDer, their commercial initiatives by means of notifications. By signing up and accepting their terms and conditions, you agree to allow companies to establish a direct dialogue with you. You can always change your preferences, in general or for a specific company, by accessing the “Subscriptions” section of the App.

We are working to allow you to download and use IDer on multiple devices. At the moment it is not possible yet, this feature will be implemented in the future.

Yes, there are. You can find IDer presentation videos and tutorials on how using the App, visiting our youtube channel IDer_Official – YouTube and the dedicated site www.ider.com

To completely erase your digital identity, you will have to delete all the previously saved data, so that they will no longer be present on IDer systems.


The name of our product was born accordingly: we have combined the word ‘ID’, meaning Digital Identity, with the suffix -er, indicating an active, conscious, acting person, as we imagine our customer being.

IDer is totally free of charge for users.

There are no limits: you can subscribe to the services of all companies that use the IDer authentication system.

If the email addresses you used to register on IDer systems match those you used when registering to that partner companies, your digital identity will be recognised; otherwise it will be considered as a new subscription.