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IDer is a solution for your business that allows you to offer a smart registration and access system to your potential customers

IDER Solutions for business

Fast Customer acquisition

Did you know that many users abandon registration procedures before completion?
This often occurs because they find the process too lengthy or complex. In this context, IDer emerges as an innovative solution designed to simplify access and registration for potential customers. With IDer, the traditional and often tedious registration phases are replaced by a simple action: scanning a QR code and confirming data via the app. This method makes the customer acquisition process extremely quick and efficient, eliminating the common frustration associated with long waits and complex registration forms. There are no more tedious registration phases; just a direct path to an improved user experience.

IDER Solutions for business

IDer revolutionizes user engagement by leveraging push notifications to deliver promotions and information directly within the app. This direct approach boosts interest in the services offered, establishing a direct connection between users and brands. With IDer, brands can effortlessly engage their community with tailored content, building a loyal user base. Sending targeted push notifications becomes a vital channel for keeping users informed and engaged, ensuring a rich and dynamic experience that fosters active and informed participation.

just one app
IDER Solutions for business

A single app for interacting with multiple partners significantly enhances the user experience, providing integrated and seamless management of various services. This centralization removes the need to switch between multiple applications, streamlining interactions to be quicker and simpler. Moreover, it encourages greater cohesion in the digital experience, making it easier to discover new services and integrate different offerings. Thus, the user experience is enriched through a single digital identity, with only one app simplifying and enriching every interaction.

IDER Solutions for business

The flexibility of IDer, enabling QR code usage in diverse settings, from shops and restaurants to digital platforms like websites and social media, transforms it into a universal tool. This significantly broadens interaction opportunities, making it accessible across a wide array of scenarios and facilitating an instant direct connection between users and services. IDer thus bridges the physical and digital worlds, offering a seamless transition between online and offline experiences, enriching user interactions in every context.

ider ecosystem

Ider ecosystem

Digital Identity in the App



Passwordless Access

Anti-phishing System

Access Control

Instant Sign-up

Data under Control

Instant Data Updates

Updated Terms and Conditions

Personalized Push

Notifications with Information & Promotions


Push Notification Service

Digital Loyalty Cards

Secure Web Access

Product and Service Surveys

Store Listings

E-commerce Order Tracking

Service Information

Customer Dashboard

Always Updated Data

Access Badges

Specific QR codes for Products/Stores/Advertisements

Customized services

immediate access

Implementing a system without access credentials, such as identification through QR codes, significantly eases service acquisition and immediate access. This approach lowers entry barriers for new users and eliminates the need to remember passwords or complete lengthy forms. Users gain quick access to desired services, improving the user experience and encouraging more people to adopt and use your services, with no credentials to remember.


Using IDer to provide your customers with a digital loyalty card is straightforward and beneficial. You can effortlessly create and distribute loyalty cards directly to customers’ mobile devices, enabling them to easily accumulate points and redeem rewards. This system not only elevates the customer experience but also fosters a lasting and rewarding relationship with the customer, promoting loyalty and repeat business through our loyalty program.


Facilitate building access by allowing users to book their entry in advance with an app or use IDer for QR code scanning at the entrance, reducing queues. This system not only eliminates the need for tickets, keys or cards but, through instant recognition, ensures secure and streamlined entry, enhancing efficiency and security in facility access.

after sales

By applying IDer QR codes to products, companies enable users to activate warranties or receive detailed product information with a simple scan. This not only enhances the user experience but also provides companies with valuable buyer data, facilitating the establishment of an immediate personalized professional relationship. Moreover, this direct interaction improves understanding of customer needs and elevates after sales services, enriching the quality of warranty and product information.

IDer Online Identity Management

Marketing Activity

IDer goes far beyond simple customer access management to the services offered. Moreover, this platform proves to be an indispensable strategic tool for the development and implementation of business and promotional initiatives. Through IDer, companies have the opportunity to significantly improve the effectiveness of their campaigns by optimizing communication with the target audience and tailoring offers based on user preferences and behaviors. This approach not only increases customer engagement and loyalty but also opens new avenues for acquiring valuable data. Furthermore, this enables companies to further refine their marketing strategies.

QR Code campaign

IDer Online Identity Management

Your company can attract more customers with IDer QR codes. Additionally, to launch promotional initiatives, access the partner section on our website and follow the instructions for campaigns. Consequently, you will be able to generate customized IDer QR codes for all your communication channels, including digital and printed materials, thus expanding your reach and visibility.

push Notifications

IDer Online Identity Management
Facilitate direct communication between your company and customers via push notifications, emails, and SMS, enabling you to forge dynamic and ongoing customer relationships. Each message sent is an opportunity to encourage specific actions. Don’t miss out on this chance: access the Partner Area and follow our guide to create effective direct marketing messages. This strategy not only strengthens bonds with your customers but also opens new avenues for engagement.

Analytics solutions

IDer Online Identity Management

Your company has access to an advanced tool to better understand the market. With IDer, it’s possible to collect and analyze essential data, always respecting customer consent. Additionally, you can gather general and anonymous information about users in your target industry. From the control panel in the Partner Area, you can observe real-time data trends. Consequently, you can adjust your promotional actions and direct communications based on emerging needs.

USAGE overview

Join as Partner

  • Download the IDer App
  • Create your Corporate ID

Login Button

  • Join the Area Partner
  • Get your “Login with IDer”


  • Create your QR Code
  • Place QR on your media

Call to Action

  • Create CTA
  • Check users engagement