The IDer QR Code is designed with a focus on security and authenticity.


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The IDer QR Code is developed with special attention to security and authenticity. Unlike traditional QR Codes, those from IDer do not contain sensitive data or simple redirects to websites and are protected against counterfeiting. Their content is encrypted, ensuring the integrity of the information and preventing any attempts at alteration or misuse by third parties. Moreover, each QR Code generated is unique and can be customized for specific purposes by the Partner, both at its creation and in subsequent stages. Users can rely on the fact that scanning a QR Code via IDer establishes an authentic connection to the Partner’s services. This method eliminates the need for usernames and passwords, simplifying and strengthening the access and authentication process, and is applicable on both digital and physical media.

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Utilizing a specially designed QR Code simplifies registration and authentication to a mere quick scan. Upon scanning, you’re redirected to our partner’s page just to confirm your digital identity details. This straightforward method facilitates swift service access, enhancing user convenience. By streamlining these procedures, IDer ensures a smoother user experience, making service utilization more efficient and user-friendly. This innovation not only makes processes quicker but also more secure, prioritizing your digital privacy and ease of use.

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IDer QR Codes provide universal access, enabling authentication via smartphones from any medium, digital or paper-based. You’ll find our QR Code across various communication channels: websites, adverts, flyers, entrances to physical facilities, stores, and more. Your access experience will be seamless and convenient, allowing quick and easy authentication wherever our QR Code is present. Whether you’re comfortably on your couch or inside a store, your user experience will be enhanced, making it more efficient and rewarding

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IDer QR Code Security

The IDer QR Code ensures security and reliability. Equipped with a digital signature, it guarantees the integrity of interactions and content verifiability, thwarting any attempts at manipulation or counterfeiting. Each IDer QR code scan discloses the data’s destination, eliminating fraud and phishing risks. Thanks to these advanced security measures, users can access information confidently and with peace of mind, ensuring a secure and protected experience.


Available for iOS & Android.