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Discover how our identity management app, IDer, revolutionizes the digital landscape. With instant access and fast onboarding, IDer simplifies identity verification, making it ideal for digital transformation initiatives. Seamlessly integrating single sign-on (SSO) capabilities and passwordless multifactor authentication, IDer ensures secure and convenient access for users. Stay updated on our latest developments in customer acquisition strategies, loyalty programs, and direct marketing push services. Join us on the forefront of innovation as we redefine identity management in the digital era. Explore more on our news page today.

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March 22, 2024/

Unlocking the Digital Realm: Understanding Digital Identity In an increasingly digital world, the concept of identity has transcended its…

February 4, 2024/

“Passwordless Authentication and Identity Management system using one-time QR Codes” We are thrilled to announce that our system has…

April 9, 2023/

The importance of security over digital identity The IDer authentication protocol adopts a layered security approach, combining components into…

What is IDer?

IDer Online Identity Management

IDer revolutionizes identity management with a passwordless solution utilizing QR codes. By installing a single app, users securely access third-party services, effortlessly overcoming traditional security barriers. No usernames or passwords needed; a quick QR Code scan instantly authenticates you. IDer offers partners significant advantages, simplifying user access and implementing a comprehensive customer management system. With IDer’s analytics, partners can deliver a personalized, engaging user experience, unlocking vast business opportunities, enhancing operational efficiency, and creating new customer benefits. This strategy ensures smooth, personalized user interactions, boosting customer acquisition with every engagement through IDer.

Fast Customer acquisition

IDER Solutions for business

Did you know that many users abandon registration procedures before completion?
This often occurs because they find the process too lengthy or complex. In this context, IDer emerges as an innovative solution designed to simplify access and registration for potential customers. With IDer, the traditional and often tedious registration phases are replaced by a simple action: scanning a QR code and confirming data via the app. This method makes the customer acquisition process extremely quick and efficient, eliminating the common frustration associated with long waits and complex registration forms. There are no more tedious registration phases; just a direct path to an improved user experience.

Stay updated on our latest developments in customer acquisition, loyalty programs, and direct marketing push services. 
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