IDer Online Identity Management

What is IDer?

IDer revolutionizes identity management with a passwordless solution utilizing QR codes. By installing a single app, users securely access third-party services, effortlessly overcoming traditional security barriers. No usernames or passwords needed; a quick QR Code scan instantly authenticates you. IDer offers partners significant advantages, simplifying user access and implementing a comprehensive customer management system. With IDer’s analytics, partners can deliver a personalized, engaging user experience, unlocking vast business opportunities, enhancing operational efficiency, and creating new customer benefits. This strategy ensures smooth, personalized user interactions, boosting customer acquisition with every engagement through IDer.

a world of advantages

IDer Online Identity Management

Joining IDer guarantees privacy, immediate access, and a no-credential, seamless registration. The app, designed for all smartphones, ensures data is entered once, then securely saved. Thus, users quickly access services, enjoy exclusive offers, manage loyalty cards, and receive push notifications with ease. 
Moreover, IDer empowers users to control their data, offering options to view, modify, or delete it anytime. This approach not only simplifies access but also enhances user engagement and security.

IDer Online Identity Management

Becoming an IDer Partner elevates customer knowledge (KYC) through fast, secure, no-credential registrations, granting immediate access to services. It’s an all-in-one approach for enhancing customer acquisition and fostering enduring connections. Partners can effortlessly integrate the “Login with IDer” feature on their sites and generate QR codes in seconds for versatile use – from website access to in-store customer identification. A dedicated section for each partner, accessible via their logo, offers limitless integration of digital services, including exclusive loyalty programs and direct courier links, ensuring privacy and engaging users with push notifications.

Save your time!

Standard registration

Estimated time: minutes 

  1. Fill out the form and verify the data
  2. Enter the CAPTCHA code
  3. Accept company’s terms and conditions
  4. Check your email inbox
  5. Return to the partner’s website
  6. Login: enter username and password
  7. Save username and password securely

IDer registration

Estimated time: seconds

  1. Scan the IDer QR code
  2. Check your data fields in the app 
  3. Accept partner’s terms and conditions. Done! 
IDer Online Identity Management

A patented system

“Passwordless Authentication and Identity Management system using one-time QR Codes”

We are thrilled to announce that our system has been granted a patent, affirming its exclusive status in the identity management sector. This achievement highlights our unique solution’s innovation, setting us apart in a competitive landscape. The patent is not just an official endorsement but also a confirmation of our product’s uniqueness, facilitating digital identity security with simplicity and efficiency. We are proud of this patent, which attests to our commitment to delivering advanced solutions, making technology access simpler without the usual complexities of development. This recognition inspires us to continue enhancing our offerings, furthering our commitment to innovation and leadership in identity management.

USAGE overview

Download IDer App

  • Download the IDer App
  • Create your digital identity (ID)

Access Partners

Gain Benefits

  • Manage ID and partners in IDer App
  • Enjoy partner’s services & promotions

Your privacy and security are our top priorities

IDer Online Identity Management

With IDer, you maintain full control over your activities and your data. Each time you access a service, you can preview your data, safeguarding against identity theft. The “Subscriptions” section displays your chosen partners, and the “Activity” log tracks your actions. IDer enables the creation of additional digital identities, offering flexibility and control over your digital experience. Manage your online interactions in a personalized and safe manner. IDer provides intuitive and accessible tools for monitoring and managing activities and data simply and transparently, ensuring your privacy is protected.

IDer Digital Identity Management

IDer deploys an advanced security system to protect our users. We implement cutting-edge encryption to safeguard data during transmission and storage. Passwordless multi-factor authentication ensures only authorized users access their accounts. Strict access controls restrict data visibility to authorized personnel only. Following industry best practices, we regularly conduct security assessments to identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities. Our aim is to establish a secure digital environment where users can rely on our services, confident in the knowledge that their security is our top priority.

Short example video

How to create your IDer identity and join a partner’s website.

Many other benefits

IDer transcends mere quick access to third-party services: it unlocks a vast array of benefits from chosen partners through our solution. You can allow partners to send you personalized offers and promotions, ensuring you never miss out on exclusive discounts from your favorite brands. If promotions aren’t your interest, IDer provides total control: you select what information to receive and from which partners.Beyond promotions, IDer makes numerous other services and advantages easily accessible with just a few taps in your smartphone app. IDer empowers you to enhance your digital experience, placing control squarely in your hands. With a range of customizable options and accessible services, IDer is dedicated to fulfilling your needs, offering a comprehensive and satisfying user experience.

IDer Online Identity Management

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