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FAQs for Business

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You can request any data you need. However, it should be considered that statistics show that fewer information is asked to the user, the greater is the chance that the enrolment process will be successfully carried out.

A “campaign” is a way to optimise the acquisition of new users. IDer allows you to maximise the results of your promotional initiatives by using a special QR Code that allows you to capture essential information such as user data, exact time and exact location of the scan.

The Quick Response Code is a special two-dimensional barcode that can contain multiple information. The IDer QR Code is more advanced than a simple QR Code as it makes use of a digital signature impossible to falsify.

To create the IDer QR Code you only need to access your private area on IDer website: click on the “Create Campaign” button and follow the wizard. Few and easy steps will provide you with a custom QR Code suited to your needs.

Yes, you can. Each individual campaign must be created individually from the specific section in the private area.

Create your IDer QR Code by accessing the dedicated section in the private area, then simply publish it in your web or paper-based communication.

Yes, you can. You can send to your users push notifications, emails, or sms. Choose how you want to keep in touch with your users: you can establish a continuous and dynamic relationship with them.

Yes, you can. By accessing your private area, you can see the progress of your current and past campaigns. The data is constantly updated so you can have a complete and accurate view of their performance.

CTA is an acronym for Call To Action: in Marketing this defines a brief sentence whose purpose is to “push” the user to take action. “Start Now!”, “Register now” or “Find out more”, are commonly used CTAs. Choose yours and use them in your communication.

Affiliation to IDer is free of charge. Companies that become partners of IDer and adopt IDer authentication system will be provided with a tool to manage users access to their services and promotional activities (campaigns).
Users acquisition and web login via QR Code/button is free of charge.
As for the acquisition of new users via “campaigns”, companies will have to pay 1€ p/user registration on a success fee base. This means that companies will pay a total corresponding to the actual acquisition of new users (i.e those users who complete the registration process)

When creating a campaign, you must indicate the maximum number of users you want to acquire.
You can immediately check on screen the total cost you would pay in case your acquisition target is reached.
If, at the end of the campaign, the number of acquired users is lower than expected, you will recover all the budget in excess.

Certainly. When you create a campaign, from the dedicated dashboard area, you’ll be able to determine the maximum number of users you want to acquire.